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So who am I? Well I am Steven Howard Hoskins (ah hem SHH Design, see what I did there), a creative web developer and designer amongst other things.

I enjoy being challenged with any project and am always as creative as possible whilst still writing semantic and web compliant code and having my websites accessible and user friendly.

I am one of those lucky few that thoroughly enjoy their job and am very passionate about it. I believe it is mainly because no challenge is ever the same in this industry and it is down to me as a web developer to create something different to what is already out there. In my opinion too many websites simply follow design trends, and end up interchangeable. I aim to make the clients site stand out from the crowd whilst still sticking to their cores and having their place in the industry.

I always like to have my sites responsive and have enhancements in place but also making sure your site is viewable and working to all users.

The process is never the same from one project to the next, but my approach is always the same to be experimental, usable and accessible.

You want to know more?… Well ok, seeing as I am so interesting let’s talk about my journey so far.

After deciding on a route through digital design I studied a BA Hons in Graphic Design and New Media which was not really what the title suggests, disappointingly. So I took it on myself to get some books, read some tutorials, blogs etc and teach myself some code and development skills mainly flash to start with as I thought it was cool (don’t hate me yet I changed my ways). But a huge great thing came out of my degree other than a good qualification… a month’s placement at Clock Ltd.

Starting at Clock was what really set me on my way in the developer world. The people that worked there were a fantastic bunch and explained more about front-end development to me than any book or any course I had ever read or taken. They were passionate and highly skilled and taught me the importance of coding and writing it semantically and concisely. I said I was not going to leave there until they gave me a job… They liked that! So I got that job and began work as a junior creative developer. 5 years later and an unbelievable amount learnt I was a fully fledged pretty decent front-end developer I decided I had gone as far as I could at Clock and needed a new challenge, so with a very heavy heart I moved on to a digital agency in London.

Unfortunately I only worked there for 4 months as their way of working and ethos did not really match my way of working or my ambitions or role I wanted. I still learnt more there and it made me focus more on what I wanted as a challenge and where I could “make a difference” if I worked there. It particularly made me improve further on my JavaScript especially jQuery and jQuery mobile which was never a bad thing.

I then made the move to figleaves.com where I am currently the senior creative front-end developer responsible for all creative front-end coding and running the creative front-end development team. Now never did I see myself becoming a manager but here I am and I must say I love it! Not just because my team is fantastic at both what they do and lovely people in general, but because I can make a difference here, have some influence, teach, learn, continue development and achieve my goals and help others achieve theirs. What more could you want! I am back at a fantastic company full of fantastic, happy people who are passionate and skilled and I make a difference. Plus of course I still get to do plenty of freelance work for an array of clients in lots of different industries. Enabling me to always be developing my skills and helping others on the way.

Onwards and upwards!

Outside of the job I am a father to 2, a boy and a girl, a keen walker with my border collie and an avid football fan! Here come the boo’s but Manchester United are my team and I am probably as fanatical about them as I am web development. I like most sports but other than football, tennis and golf are my hobby sports. I like a good brain teaser too and I am passionate about music mainly your indie rock scene. Just in case you was interested.

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